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Liar Liar by M.J Arlidge


This is MJ Arlidge’s forth book in the DI Grace series and I have to say I loved every single page.

In this book DI Grace is hunting a serial arsonist. Although it contains some pretty grim insight into how people perish in fires, at no point was there any unnecessary gore.



As typical of MJ Aldridge’s style of writing, the chapters are short and punchy which kept me completely captured all the way through.

Being an avid crime reader usually I can usually guess the ending…not this time, there was a twist and the a double twist.

This book most definitely deserves a five star rating and kept me reading right into the wee small hours.


The Keeper by Luke Delaney


Loved it

Thoroughly enjoyed the second instalment of DI Corrigan. In the sequel to Cold Killing you really get a feel for who he is and what makes him tick.
In this book we see DI Sean Corrigan try to get into the depraved mind of abductor and murderer Thomas Keller and what a nasty nasty mind it is too.
DI Corrigan is of course a fantastic lead character, full of mystery and intelligence but it was also great how his sidekick Sally’s character is developed. Being a girlie, it’s good to have a female character to be able to relate to.
All in all I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good, gritty crime novel ☺

Romantic Horror: Poe’s Lady Ligeia

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Ligeia  by Edgar Allan Poe  (1839)

Tuesday’s Tale of Terror  October 27, 2015


Who doesn’t love a romance with twists of horror? Especially during the Halloween reading season. The opening epigraph of this short story is a reference to the will of death vs. the will to live. In this tale, one of Poe’s less popular ones, our narrator lives in a decaying city near the Rhine. He lives there with the love of his life, Ligeia. She is of the highest beauty and with a gentle soul … “She came and departed as a shadow …sweet voiced …. with the radiance of an opium dream, airy and spirit-lifting.”

Ligeia grows ill and death becomes her. Feeling utterly abandoned, our narrator remarries Lady Rowena and they live in an old abbey … until Rowena grows ill.


“The greater part of the fearful night had worn away, and she…

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Night and the Enemy by Harlan Ellison


I am a real novice when it comes to graphic novels but Harlan Ellison has me gagging for more.
This novel is about the Earth-Kyba war and I was drawn into this austere world with the words and the astonishing art work.
I thoroughly recommend this to any graphic novel lovers and to novices like me. I am now a complete graphic novel convert. Thank you Harlan Ellison 🙂
I was so happy to receive a copy through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Suicide Forest by Jeremy Bates


As soon as I saw the title of this book I knew I had to read it, after recently watching a documentary about “suicide forest” and I wasn’t disappointed.
The story is told through the eyes of Ethan, at first I must admit, Ethan did get on my nerves a bit but as the book progressed I began not just to like him but empathise with him.
The way the forest is described, I felt like I was in their myself and without giving too much away, it’s not a place you want to find yourself in.
All in all I was totally captured by this book and completely taken aback by the twist at the end. Jeremy Bates might just be my new favorite horror author ☺

N by Stephen King


This is the first graphic novel I have read and what a place to start.
From start to finish I was gripped by both the artwork and the story. I don’t want to spoil the crazy adventure but the idea you can “catch” mental illness is both fascinating and terrifying.
Any fans of Stephen King and graphic horror will be in their element. This is definitely worth a read but maybe not with the lights out.